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We have an extensive range of up-to-date resources for Catholic Studies, HSC and other religions on one web site. You can purchase products (Worksheets, e-booklets, data shows, modules of work and kits) and/or become a subscription member and access our resources online. We currently have over 4500 resources. TB Resources complements most Catholic Studies Curriculums in Australia. We also cover extensively the five major world religions: Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism and Christianity in the Preliminary and HSC material for NSW – Australia. The key points of each of the five major religions are clear, easy for students to grasp and can be adapted to any curriculum.






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Follow the Liturgical season of the Church with links to readings and background information.


New resources

Links to new material which is added to the site on a regular basis.


Prayer Resource Page - Staff

(NEW 2018)

A Collection of ideas and prayers for Staff Meetings.

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News and updates


Catholic Studies

HSC Senior Studies

Religions of the World

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Prayer Resource Page - Students

(NEW 2018)

Prayers and ideas for use in the classroom.








Inspirational Reading for Today

"What does the Lord require of you...do justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God?"
Micah 6:1-8